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Lightspeed Design, Inc. has been a leader in stereoscopic 3D for over twenty-one years, and is a trusted technology provider to the most discerning clientele, assisting in a wide range of disciplines within Fortune 500 companies, governments, hospitals, major universities from Beijing to Munich, Hollywood's top filmmakers, and R&D labs across the globe.

Our products and services include surgical display technology for stereoscopic robotic surgery, portable 3D DLP® projectors, stereoscopic video capture and playback software, custom installations and support, and 2D/3D production and design.

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NASA, Boeing, Pfizer, Roche, Intuitive Surgical Systems,
St. Joseph’s Hospital, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Roswell
Park Cancer Institute, GE Research, Johnson & Johnson R&D,
Sharp R&D, Mercedes, GMC, Continental, Disney, Dreamworks,
NHK, Nintendo, Sony, Harvard, Stanford, U.S. Government,
Governments of Canada, India, Portugal...

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